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Rated 5/5 based on 33 customer reviews
" The care I received by the whole staff here at physiosource was top notch!!! I saw them about a chronic back issue and have been pain free for months now!! As a busy mom with two young children it could be a struggle to find child care. They advised me not to cancel my appointments and were so helpful with my little ones so I could get the help I needed. I recommend them to everyone!!!!! Thank you so much Physiosource!"
Aug 14, 2019
"My father, Jim Roberts, has been working with Dan McCarthy for approximately 8 months and Dan displays warmth and encouragement when he works with my father. My father feels better after his sessions. PhysioSource employees are understanding and kind. "
Jul 31, 2019
"I got very good care at PhysioSource. Everyone was so helpful and caring!"
May 16, 2019
"The staff is very welcoming. They make you feel comfortable and encouraging in the techniques they have you do. Your time is given full devotion from one therapist. I highly recommend PhysioSource for any of your therapy needs."
May 08, 2019
"The staff is very professional and really take care of your needs. They pay attention to detail and listen to what you have to say."
May 08, 2019
"I have been to several places. Once I found PhysioSource Physical Therapy, I stayed. They have been extremely helpful making sure I perform the exercises correctly to my benefit."
May 08, 2019
"Very professional. Friendly, punctual, listens to your body complaints and has a workout routine that is appropriate for the areas of pain . They also provide good suggestions for exercises at home."
Apr 17, 2019
"I have gone to therapy at other places and quit because I didn't like it. I LOVE Physiosource! Everyone is kind and they care about you."
Apr 17, 2019
"I have only made three visits to PhysioSource and I am very satisfied with the friendly people that work here and they are very good at working with the patients here. I highly recommend them. "
Apr 03, 2019
"Everyone was great. You gave me better health no one else but PhysioSource could so I have a better quality of life than when I first came in when I was bent over a walker. And when the doctor said therapy, I came back again. I can't thank the entire office enough. They work like a well oiled machine. "
Mar 27, 2019
"Very professional, friendly and punctual. They listen to patients' complaints and have a workout routine that is appropriate for the area of pain. They give good suggestions for exercises at home."
Mar 27, 2019
"There are beautiful people at PhysioSource who care about your health and well being. I will give them 5 stars for excellence. Thank-you for a job well done!!"
Mar 22, 2019
"All of the therapists were nice and they were good at pushing on parts that helped me relax more. It hurt, but helped later and made me stand taller. PT here helped me do more at home and feel better during therapy. "
Mar 21, 2019
"I have gone to therapy at other places and quit because I didn't like it. I LOVE PhysioSource! Everyone is kind and they really care about you."
Mar 21, 2019
"I have had 3 back surgeries within 10 months, the latest in February 2019. I needed physical therapy after each surgery and most recently came to PhysioSource in Toledo. I am extremely happy with my current PT experience and wish I would have known about this company after my first two surgeries. Aquatic therapy has been extremely beneficial. The entire staff is welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The therapists are knowledgeable and have the best interest of each patient needs in mind. I highly recommend the therapist at PhysioSource!"
Mar 18, 2019
"If you are in need of physical therapy services, I would definitely recommend considering PhysioSource at 3840 Woodley Rd. in Toledo. Each therapist is very kind, compassionate and caring and they give you their undivided attention to your individual needs. PhysioSource is truly a pleasant experience and you will be satisfied with the results. "
Feb 14, 2019
"The group at PhysioSource are amazing! Professional and personable, the therapists are amazing! Absolutely recommend them! Thank you!!"
Jul 29, 2018
"Best physical therapists! Very knowledgeable, professional and provide individualized care. I highly recommend them."
Jul 29, 2018
"I highly recommend PhysioSource if you need physical therapy. I requested PT after learning from my doctor that my hip joint is pretty worn down in one area. I wanted to see if I could improve my hip pain/mobility and avoid hip replacement surgery for a while. After going to see Angela 2x's/week the past four weeks, I feel so much improvement in my mobility, strength and range of movement that I no longer feel hip replacement is my only option. My pain has been greatly reduced and at the same time, I have enjoyed learning so many valuable things regarding muscles and how to strengthen and use them to hopefully protect my hip from further damage. Any questions I asked (and I asked plenty), Angela was able to answer and explain in ways I could easily understand. I first went to PhysioSource 10 years ago for a knee injury that they brought me through, and I'm so happy I returned to them again. I particularly like the fact that I felt like a person and not a number. Just a great experience all the way around and my challenge is to keep up with my exercises at home and continue feeling 5 years younger! I believe surgery should be the last resort."
Mar 02, 2018
"Angla was great working with me I would not have stayed with my therapy without her . T he office was always clean and the other workers very nice and helpful Thank You"
Dec 07, 2017
"You guys are good...my back and leg are not bothering me like they did and I can walk upstairs without bear crawling. I haven't fallen since I've been coming to therapy."
Nov 20, 2017
"I will definitely return to PhysioSouce after having a total knee replacement in January. "
Nov 17, 2017
"I would highly recommend Physiosource to anyone who might be contemplating therapy for any pain relief. After only a few sessions, I feel that I have made significant progress. All questions that I had have been answered and fully explained to my satisfaction. I have already recommended Physiosource to friends."
Nov 17, 2017
"Awesome Staff! "
Oct 18, 2017
"My daughter has special needs, She had a bad fall with significant injuries. The therapists at PhysioSource were caring and inventive as we tried to rehab her both in the pool and the clinic, I would highly recommend this office."
Oct 17, 2017
"PhysioSource,. Thank you so much for Helping complete the physic's on my knee and shoulder...You are so Good, your Techniques are impeccable!!! Durning the months I spent with you I"
Dec 15, 2016
"The staff at PhysioSource were very personalable and professional. I received great care and I was back to full mobility sooner than I would've imagined. All of their encouragement surely helped my recovery! If need, I would definitely come back to PhysioSource"
Oct 26, 2016
"much improved on balance,the main problem. ginger did a great job on leading me through the steps and improving my balance. many thanks. tom duross"
Jun 24, 2016
"Great treatment- knowledgeable, motivating and inspiring."
Jun 08, 2016
"Great staff to work with! Very knowledgeable, energetic, and inspiring. Thanks for getting me back in shape."
Jun 08, 2016
"Hi they did a great job"
May 05, 2016
"As a runner who trained to run in the Medical Mutual half-marathon I was disappointed when my training was cut short due to a running injury. Thank you to the knowledgeable and compassionate staff that not only allowed me to run pain-free in the race, but also get a PR. I highly recommend PhysioSource to anyone that needs physical therapy!"
May 03, 2016
"Thank you for all the great care that your staff provided while I was a patient at PhysioSource. I have been able to return to all my extracurricular activities without any pain. I appreciate all that your great staff did for me!"
Apr 29, 2016